eLearning Progress Report (non WBI course)

To track user's progress with the videos other than the WBI, there is an eLearning Progress Report in Data Insight under the Support Category.

NOTE: There is no feedback required for any non-WBI course, so the reports displays:

  • Who has started the course
  • Total time spent watching (this can be compared to total times per topic on this document: file:///T:\3%20eLearning\TimeAndContentBySubject.xlsx)
    • NOTE: Time can be more than the total of the topic if a user went back and re-watched)
  • Dates



This report can be provided to a customer if you filter by the CusId and select the Modules they are interested in using the filters. Then export the report to Excel. You can also provide them with total time per topic from this document: file:///T:\3%20eLearning\TimeAndContentBySubject.xlsx.

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