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Snotes not showing on posted iterations of ROs (Excede 10.2 +)


Issue: When opening remarks from within the Service Order and drilling into the operations level, you cannot see tech remarks after posting.


Service Order > > Operations Level > Open Header (Double-Click) > Other Tab > Remarks 

Resolution: This is because the Subject for notes that are showing is the posted order/operation number (ex. R100XYZABC:01). Only snotes with the same exact subject will initially appear. If no other notes match this Subject, a new one with your empid will be created. The tech remark, which was entered prior to posting, is the pre-invoice number (R100XYZABC). Because this differs it will not show up in the same Subject list. To view anything entered as a snote or tech remark before posting, select the Toggle Subject Filter switch (F9) on the snote window. This will show all notes related to this invoice pre and post-posting.
-When In Operation 2 and selecting 'Open Notes' we do not see the tech remarks. As previously mentioned, you will want to hit the Toggle Icon. (In the red box is the subject)

After toggling to the other 'Subjects' you will see the missing Notes:

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